About Us

Welcome to the homepage of the Capitol Quarter Midget Association, a family-oriented children's racing association and the home of the 2007, 2010 and 2012 Dirt Grands. Established in 1954, the CQMA club and racing facility have long played a part in quarter midget racing for kids in Northern California. Quarter midget racing is a fast-paced family sport that teaches children the meaning of sportsmanship -- win or lose -- fairness and discipline.

For more information about the club, its members, race events or how to participate, please feel free to stop by and watch a race, chat with a member or contact us. Visit our Training page and view the QMA Judging Video to see how to get started.

What sets Capitol apart from other tracks is we are not  just a club, we are a team. You will find that your competition can be your biggest help when you need it. Come and be apart of Team Capitol!

Dirt Shoot-Out (DSO) Rules
and Sportsmanship Guidelines

Club (CQMA) Rules
and By-Laws


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