Lt. 160


Jace B.

Jace started in Jr. Novice last year at the age of 7. After racing in 3 novice races he quickly moved up to racing Jr. Honda and came away with a few top 4's and a couple wins. This will be his second year of racing and he is moving up to Sr. Honda and Lt. 160. He has found a sport he loves and has made some great friends this last year. Jace is looking forward to an exciting season.


ANDY is a car crazy kid and can be found most of the time playing with his hundreds of Hot Wheels. He has always loved cars. From the time he could talk, he was naming the cars we passed on the road, knowing the different makes and models at a very young age. Andy is 9 years old and in his fourth year racing quarter midgets. He was bit by the racing bug while taking a training ride at Rio Linda's Country Fair when he was 5 years old. He is excited to be racing in senior Honda and Light 160 this year. Andy stays busy year around. He just finished up his third season of indoor soccer, and he'll play in his sixth season of little league. Andy enjoys 3rd grade, and for three years in a row, he has received perfect attendance awards as well as citizenship and honor roll for his hard work in school. He races with the help of his Crew Chief, aka Daddy, in memory of his racing Granddaddy, and with the love and support of his Mommy, Sister, Grandma, and lots of family and friends!

Andy H.


Jayson is 8 years old entering his second race season in the Jr Honda and Jr Animal classes, and first year of LT 160.

Jayson received both the 2016 CQMA and the 2016 Monza Series Rookie of the year awards. 

Jayson E.