What About The Cars?

They are essentially 1/4-scale Midget race cars. Unlike Go-Karts, quarter midgets feature full four wheel independent suspension and full roll cages. Seat belts and shoulder harnesses are mandatory. 

What You'll Need:

Kids must wear: Closed -toed Shoes, tube Socks and Full-length pants. We supply the other safety equipment; like the Jacket, helmet & gloves & training car!!

Training by appt. only at this time

Who Can Participate?

Quarter Midget racing is a competitive sport for children ages 5-16!

If you would like to come out and get a FREE training session, please contact:

us by email


The Benefits are virtually immeasurable: It's a family sport- all races are staffed and run by family volunteers from local tracks. Drivers develop physical skills such as coordination, timing, alertness and basic mechanical theory. Internal strength is developed through sportsmanship, accomplishment, self-reliance, and recognition. And it's FUN!